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Australia’s best scuba diving locations


Australia Dive – Australia is a world-renowned scuba diving destination for its diverse dive locations, including the largest reef system in the world and giant kelp forests. When scuba diving in Australia, you have the chance to dive the amazing Great Barrier Reef, the best wreck dive locations in the world and the giant kelp forests of Tasmania. For action packed Australia dive trips, cage dive with Great White Sharks in South Australia or open water dive in the pristine water off of the coast of Queensland. With expansive underwater playgrounds, you’ll find many of the best diving locations in the world just off Australia’s coast.

No matter your diving experience level, there’s plenty of places to explore. Australia dive has some of the top diving destinations in the world are found in Australia, including Cod Hole near Queensland. You’ll find adventure in the outer Great Barrier Reef, which is well known for it’s potato rock cod, whitetip reef sharks and giant clams.

Also in Queensland, you’re able to explore Flinders Reef, which is home to more than 119 species of coral and 175 species of fish. Flinders Reef is known as the best dive site in Moreton Bay Marine park.

No Australia dive trip is complete without diving Fish Rock Caves, where you’ll swim through caves and caverns filled with grey nurse sharks. Just a short distance away, you’ll find Lord Howe Island– home to the planet’s most southerly reefs. This reef is World Heritage Listed, providing you with a subtropical mix of coral and fish.


Scuba diving trips in Australia also take you through the largest fringing coral reef in Australia, Ningaloo Reef. Not only will you swim with whale sharks, but green turtles, reef sharks and moray eels!

Other top scuba diving drips in Australia include Rowley Shoals Marine Park, Rapid Bay Jetty, Neptune Islands, Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park and the Tasman Peninsula. You literally have hundreds of diving locations to choose from!

Whether you’re new to scuba diving, a certified scuba diver or a professional diver, Australia dive locations offer the perfect way to explore the underwater beauty and mystery of the finest diving hotspots in the world!

Book a liveaboard trip in Australia for extended diving, spend a day exploring the ocean floor on a day trip or stay close to the surface with snorkeling adventures. No matter what you choose to do, there’s a trip and location that’s perfect for you!

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