Explore Julian Rocks Byron Bay

When scuba diving Byron Bay, make sure you check out one of Australia’s most popular travel destinations– Julian Rocks Marine Park.

Rated among the top five scuba diving destinations in Australia, Julian Rocks offers a perfect mix of tropical warm currents with cooler waters.

This unique diving location near Byron Bay is amazing due to its diversity and abundance of marine life. More than 1000 species of fish have been recorded in the area, offering the perfect diving experience.

With a well earned reputation as the most prolific fish dives in the world, you’ll also swim with dolphins, whales, manta rays, grey nurse sharks, leopard sharks and three species of turtle.

When scuba diving Byron Bay, take the 10 minute detour to dive Julian Rocks. You won’t be disappointed!

You’re guaranteed to see the most beautiful underwater world possible as Julian Rocks is protected under the Fisheries and Oyster Farms Regulations, which means the area remains undisturbed to protect its natural splendour.

This makes the area the ideal nesting ground for a number of seabirds.

As you dive into the warm waters and changing currents, you’ll find a variety of seasonal visitors.

During the winter, you’ll see the ferocious-looking, yet mild mannered grey nurse sharks.

When scuba diving the area during spring, the beautiful blue tang visit.

These amazing fish are easy to spot with their blue body and bright yellow tail.

Scuba Diving Julian Rocks during the summer allows you to swim with huge schools of trevally.

Explore the variety of marine life

No matter when you dive Julian Rocks in Byron Bay, you’ll spot the docile leopard sharks, Wobbegong sharks, cuttlefish, eagle rays, egg-cowry shells and moray eels. You’re also likely to see banner fish, giant guitar fish and shovel-nose rays.

The vibrant marine life swimming in the water is exceptionally vibrant as you’ll also be surrounded by an abundance of hard and soft coral.

The exhilarating and breathtaking adventure won’t be matched anywhere else as the Rocks are most well known for their rare inhabitants, such as the leaf scorpion fish and the pineapple fish.

Not to mention, you’ll spot blue devil fish, nudibranches and anemone fish.

As you interact with the tropical fish, each adventure will be unique. Scuba diving Byron Bay in May until September provides an unforgettable experience as you’ll see Humpback whales near Julian Rocks.


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With a number of dive sites to choose from, you can scuba dive Julian Rocks no matter your experience level.

The pristine visibility year round makes this top diving location in Australia a must-see!