Introducing you to scuba diving

Resort Dive – It may have been watching an old James bond movie, or maybe one of the IMAX underwater features, but something has put into your mind that you want to experience scuba diving.

You may have heard that becoming a certified diver can be expensive and you are not sure if learning to dive is worth the expense.

Or maybe, you just want to give it a try one, just to see what it is like. If that describes you then resort diving also called introduction to scuba is the program for you.

Many people are drawn to the sport of scuba diving, however many individuals fail to act upon it because the reasons mention above.
The resort diver program came about to help fill the gap between dreaming of scuba diving and becoming a diver.

Many resorts that offer scuba diving also offer snorkeling and the snorkeling site can also be used for the resort diver.
The program is open to anyone over the age of 12, has basic swimming ability and in good health.

There are a few medical conditions that might prohibit your diving, so you will have to fill out a short questionnaire. Generally the overall program will take three to four hours.

Australia Dive - Learn to dive
Australia Dive – Learn to dive


What Will I Learn As A Resort Diver

The course is broken up into three segments. The first is your theory portion. It covers some of the basic principles of physics as they relate to diving.

Do not let that word “physics” scare you away, it not like a college physics class, just some basic principles. Remember that this course is open to 12 year old’s, and unlike the popular TV programs they do not know more than you.

This session will also demonstrate some of the basic task you will be learning. Your second session will be what is referred to as confined water training. A fancy word to mean in the pool or calm shallow water.
While in waist deep water you will practice the skills that were demonstrated.

These are very basic and easy to learn task that divers learn in their first day of training.
You will put your face in the water and practice breathing through your mouth using the regulator.

Next you might kneel so your head is completely underwater and practice how to locate your regulator if it is accidentally removed from your mouth.

It might seem scary to think about it, but the technique is very simple and after just a few practices you will be able to do it in a second or two.

It just a simple arm movement, but very important to learn so you do not panic if it happens underwater. You will remove and replace your mask or let water into it then practice how to force the water out.

Great Barrier Reef

Another simple task. The last skill will be practicing using your Buoyancy control device (BCD). It sort of like a vest with air bladders.

You control whether you float or sink by adding or removing air from it. Once you and your instructor are confident that you are able to perform the task it time for the third segment.

That is the actual dive. What you experience on your dive will of course depend on where you are, however, it will generally be in 10 to 20 feet of water.
Generally you will stay down for at least 20 minutes.

While you may get a certificate after your dive, A resort diver is not a certified diver. The resort diver can only dive with an instructor and to about 5 meters deep.
The instructor will remain within arms reach at all times. Some resorts offer a package of two dives, however the restrictions are the same on the second dive.

While many who take a resort dive do it for a once in a lifetime experience, they often change their minds and decide that they do need to become a certified diver.
So on your next vacation to a tropical resort, seek out a resort dive and experience an activity that might just change your life.