Reef & Rainforest The only place in the World where 2 World Heritage sites sit side by side

It all Starts in Cairns with Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest, and you can experience them both on this 4  day tour package.

Spending 3 days and 2 nights Scuba Diving on the beautiful Outer Great Barrier Reef with Cairns premier Liveaboard “Reef Encounter” and 1 day discovering the beautiful Daintree Rainforest.

Day 1 to 3

Our 3 day and 2 night Cairns Liveaboard Resort  Dive Adventure includes 8 daytime scuba dives at beautiful Outer Great Barrier Reef locations, for those who do not hold a scuba diving license – no experience necessary!

The duration of this 3 day  liveaboard resort dive adventure is 3 days (2 nights).

What is ‘Resort Diving’? Resort Diving is for those who do not hold a scuba diving licence but who wish to participate in scuba diving activities during your holiday to The Great Barrier Reef.

All resort diving is conducted in small groups under the supervision of a Scuba Instructor. Scuba diving is a fun and safe sport that is accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

* Minimum age for trying a resort dive is 12 years ** Please note that Resort Diving is subject to Medical Fitness. Please see below.

Our experienced and professional Scuba Instructors will guide you on underwater tours around pristine coral lagoons and ensure you see the best of the Great Barrier Reef beneath the waves, in safety and comfort.

3 Day Resort Dive Inclusions

  • Double/Twin State Room 8 Day Dives
  • Onboard Chef preparing all meals whilst on board
  • Coffee, Tea, water and fresh fruit
  • Snorkeling and Diving equipment
  • Guided Snorkel Tours
  • Glass Bottom Boat Tours
  • Reef Video presentation Marine Biologist presentation on Reef Experience
  • All Government Reef Tax and Levies

Reef Encounter Facilities

  • Air conditioning
  • Modern Ocean-View rooms
  • Private Bathrooms
  • Large Dining Area, Bar and Lounge
  • On board heated spa
  • On board water desalination Plant
  • Hydraulic dive/Snorkel Platform
  • Helipad
  • Large Sundeck

Your trip onboard “Reef Experience” Includes either a Certified or Resort/Introductory Dive.

What is a Resort/Introductory Dive? Resort diving requires no previous scuba experience. Conducted in small group of 4 under the supervision of an experienced Dive Instructor, resort dives give beginners an unforgettable Great Barrier Reef experience without having to complete a full scuba diving course.

Can anyone try a resort dive? If you are able to swim and are in good physical health you can probably dive (See Medical Conditions). The Minimum age for resort diving is 12 years.

Queensland Dive Laws are the strictest in the World – with the safest dive record in the world.

Please be aware that Some Medical Conditions or Medications that are being taken could prevent you from participating in scuba activities.

To prevent disappointment on-the day, If you wish to partake in our Introductory/Resort Scuba dive, it is the passengers responsibility to ensure they are medically fit to dive.

Medical Conditions

If you have EVER suffered from any of the following conditions, you will require a dive medical to Australian standard AS. 4005.1. Before being allowed to Scuba Dive.

  • Asthma / Wheezing or use of an inhaler even for Sports endurance
  • Brain, spinal cord or nervous disorder
  • Chronic bronchitis or persistent chest complaint
  • Chronic sinus condition
  • Collapsed Lung (pneumothorax)
  • Diabetes
  • Chest Surgery
  • Heart Disease of any kind
  • Crones Disease

If you are CURRENTLY suffering from or have recently had any of the following conditions or procedures, you will require a dive medical to Australian standard AS. 4005.1. Before being allowed to Scuba Dive.

  • Breathlessness
  • Chronic ear discharge or infection
  • High blood pressure
  • Ear Surgery
  • Epilepsy
  • Fainting Seizures or blackouts
  • Recurrent ear problems when flying
  • Tuberculosis or any other long term disease
  • Any illness or operation within the last month
  • Perforated eardrum

Being pregnant will prohibit you from Scuba Diving

Please be aware that the above does not cover every medical condition there maybe other medical conditions that I not listed.

If you are taking any Medications for anything we can check if these are safe for diving with the local Dive doctor. This is necessary as some medications can become dangerous underwater.  These checks are done on the day of travel and can be difficult for the dive doctor to approve without consultation with you.

We can only give them information submitted to us on your medical form so please understand that the dive Doctor may require a full dive medical to clear you to dive.

Please be aware If you have used or are using ventalin or an inhaler for Sports endurance/enhancement you will still need a Dive Medical before being allowed to Scuba dive.

It is not our company’s decision regarding these laws –  we are regulated by the  Queensland Government.

Please contact our office, if you do require any further information regarding possible medical conditions.

If you have existing or pre existing medical conditions, operations, taking medication, have used an inhaler then you will need permission from the Dive Doctor to Scuba Dive.  If you have any doubts or queries regarding the above, please be proactive and contact our office to avoid disappointment on the day.

Optional Extras

  • Underwater cameras
  • Wetsuit
  • Night Torch
  • Soft drinks, snacks etc
  • Alcohol available on board – NO BYO


Day One

7:30 am Breakfast onboard Reef Experience, Marlin Jetty, Cairns
8:00 am Depart Marlin Jetty
Marine Biologist Presentation
Resort Scuba Dive Snorkel briefing
10:30 am Arrive Outer Great Barrier Reef  ~ Transfer to Reef Encounter
12:00 pm Lunch
Resort Scuba Dive Snorkel Sun bake and relaxation time
3:00 pm Cruise to our next spectacular outer Great Barrier Reef location
Resort Scuba Dive, Snorkel, Sun bake, and relaxation time
Glass bottom boat tour
6:00 pm Dinner & Dessert
7:30pm Night introductory scuba dive (optional extra)
 relaxation time, stargazing, boardgames or a movie

Day Two

6:30 am Dive
7:30 am Breakfast
8:30 am Resort Scuba Dive, snorkel or lounge on a deck chair
10:30 am Cruise to our next spectacular reef location
12:00 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Resort Scuba Dive, snorkel or lounge on a deck chair
2:00 pm Cruise to our next spectacular reef location
3:30 pm Resort Scuba Dive, snorkel or lounge on a deck chair
6:00 pm Dinner
7:00 pm Night Resort Scuba Dive (Optional Extra)
Relaxation time, starwatching, boardgames, movies

Day Three

6:30am Resort Scuba Dive or snorkel  – then Breakfast
8:00am Check out of Cabin, storing luggage in transfer room – share shower facilities
8:30am Resort Scuba dive or snorkel
10:30am Cruise to our next spectacular reef location
Glass Bottom Boat Tours, Diving, Snorkeling, Sun baking Relaxing time
12:00pm Lunch
1:30pm Transfer To Reef Experience
Cruise tour to our next spectacular outer Great Barrier Reef location
1:45pm Snorkel, Sun bake, Relax
3:30pm Complimentary Wine and Cheese, fresh tropical fruits
4:30pm Arrive Cairns

How to Get There

Daily transfers aboard Reef Experience.  Boarding at 7.30am at the Marlin Wharf (A Finger) for Breakfast, after which we depart at 8.00am for an enjoyable 90 minute cruise to Reef Encounter.

On departure day from Reef Encounter arrival time into Cairns is approximately 4.30pm

Accommodation is not included on this third night

Day 4 – 1 Day Daintree Rainforest

Today you will be heading to the World Heritage Daintree Rainforest. Magnificent coastal rainforest and pristine tropical beaches stretching from the sugar town of Mossman to the Bloomfield River and all within 2 and a half hours from Cairns.

Travelling in a small group of 13 from Cairns to Cape Tribulation (the headlands of the Daintree Rainforest) along one of the most scenic coastal roads in Australia, the Captain Cook Highway

During your day you will pass through one of Cairns most beautiful beach suburbs of Palm Cove.

Continuing your journey north stopping at Rex lookout for views back over towards the mountains of the Great Dividing Range.

Onto the seaside village of Port Douglas, enjoying a tour around town plus flagstaff hill overlooking four mile beach and the historical St Mary’s by the Sea.

On the road again to the southern edge of the Daintree National Park – the magical “Mossman Gorge”. Surrounded by lush rainforest, where the clear mountain river cuts through thick rainforest and tumbles over boulders on its journey to the sea.

Enjoy a morning tea of bush scones then a guided walk in dense tropical rainforest.

Heading further north  towards the Daintree Tea House for a delicious lunch in a setting unlike any other.

After Lunch you will join a small and personalised tour on the Daintree River, taking you through the domain of the large estuarine crocodiles.

Egrets wade near mangroves in the murky water of the river where the crocodile’s wait patiently for a meal.

Look for pythons, tree snakes, butterflies and lots of other wildlife on this cruise.

Crossing the mighty Daintree River on a cable ferry, you are now entering the Cape Tribulation section of the Daintree national park.

This is where it all begins to change. You will feel like you have entered a different world with Rainforest towering over narrow winding roads.

Stopping at Alexandra lookout where you will have to opportunity for some stunning photographs.

Daintree Rainforest Itinerary

  • Tour of Palm Cove
  • Rex lookout: on one of the nicest coastal drives in Australia
  • Driving town tour of Port Douglas, including Flagstaff hill lookout overlooking four mile beach
  • Spectacular Mossman Gorge: guided walk and swim option (if time or weather permits)
  •  A delicious lunch, tropical fruit tasting
  • Morning Tea
  • Daintree River Cruise: try your luck at Crocodile and wildlife spotting
  •  World Heritage Rainforest/Areas
  • Fully guided walks- Rainforest Board walks in a unique environment of rainforest Alexandra lookout–coastal views over Daintree River mouth, Low Isles, Snapper Island and beyond to the Great Barrier Reef
  •  Cape Tribulation beach: “where the rainforest meets the reef”
  • Daintree Ice cream company- optional and popular local stop (own expense)
  • Daintree River cable ferry crossing
  • (Itinerary is subject to change due to weather, operational or unforseen issues)

Daintree Rainforest Inclusions

  • Small group, offering unrivalled, friendly and personalised service
  • Air Conditioned comfortable late models vehicles
  • Mossman Gorge
  • Daintree River Cruise
  • Daintree Ferry
  • Morning Tea & Lunch
  • National Park Fees & Permits
  • Experienced Local Guides
  • Interpretation: friendly, knowledgeable Naturalist/Eco/World Heritage accredited guides

What to Bring for Daintree

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Insect repellent
  • Hat, sunscreen,
  • sunglasses
  • Camera Cash for optional purchases

Important Additional Information

  • Accommodation is not included on the night of Day 3 or day 4 when you arrive back into Cairns.
  • Please advise when booking your accommodation details for pick up
  • Pick up times are between 7 am and 7.30 am returning to Cairns at approximately 6.30 pm
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daintree world heritage rainforest

Daintree Rainforest Luxury Tour

Daintree Rainforest 1 Day Tour

Experience a World Heritage listed locations in style and comfort on this one day luxury Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest package.


Twin Bed Stateroom, Reef Encounter

3 Day Liveaboard Resort Dive

Stateroom - Twin Share

Includes 8 daytime resort scuba dives for those who do not hold a scuba license – no experience necessary! … price is per person twin share (2 people in 1 room)


+2 Days


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