We would like to take you to one of the seven wonders of the world..

The Great Barrier Reef is well known for world renowned scuba diving destinations.

Many of the best dive sites in the world are found at the Great Barrier Reef.

Each location offers a new, magical underwater world to explore, with unique characteristics and active waters full of marine life.

No matter which top scuba diving destination you visit, the beauty of the coral gardens won’t be matched anywhere else in the world.


Ribbon Reef

Ribbon Reef is among the best dive sites as it’s located along the continental shelf of the northern Great Barrier Reef. This popular site consists of 10 distinct reefs, including Challenger Bay, Temple of Doom and the famous Cod Hole. Cod Hole is probably the most popular diving site along Ribbon Reef as it’s home to giant potato code.


Osprey Reef

Osprey Reef is equally as popular as Ribbon Reef as it offers plentiful and unique soft coral gardens. Plus, it’s abundant with shark activity. Within the reef, you’ll find huge coral trees and an abundance of marine life, including mackerel, crabs, octopus, and tuna. North Horn lies in Osprey Reef and is well known for its shark activity. You’ll see feeding white tip reef sharks and grey reef sharks.


Yongala Wreck

Yongala Wreck is not only on of Australia’s best dive sites, but one of the best in the world. The wreckage of the SS Yongala is wonderfully preserved and is now home to numerous marine animals. While exploring the historic wreck, you’ll see clownfish, trevally, sea snakes and much more.


Hardy Reef

Hardy Reef is among the top scuba diving destinations at the Great Barrier Reef as it’s known as patch reef diving.
Not only is Hardy Reef great for scuba diving, but for snorkeling and night diving as well.

The hard and soft corals are abundant, and you’ll even see a coral wall, which is home to a diversity of fish.


Bait Reef

Bait Reef is an incredible dive location as it’s full of manta rays, vibrant coral gardens, turtles and much more. You’ll explore underwater canyons, coral walls and even swim throughs.

The diverse terrain of Bait Reef is one of the main reasons it’s among the top scuba diving destinations.


It’s no secret the Great Barrier Reef is home to many of the top scuba diving destinations in the world as the beauty and diversity of the reef is simply unmatched.

The best dives sites in the world are just waiting to be explored at the Great Barrier Reef.