Is It Better To Take A Day Tour?

Australia Dive offers outstanding day tours

A frequent question tourist have, both asked and unasked, is should I take day tours.

When you go to an area you are not familiar with it is sometimes difficult to judge what is best.

A scuba diver that only has one or two off gas days would not want to waste the time on a tour that does not fit his expectations.

Even the tourist who has a number of days for sightseeing will want to get the best possible experience.

Of course, our answer will seem bias being a part of a travel company, but our honest view is to take day tours.

Generally it is better to take a day tour to maximize your time and experience.


Reef Experience - Cairns
Reef Experience – Cairns


Making the most of your time

The tour companies have done this before many times and they know the pitfalls and things that can cause a delay or a poor experience.

Take a look at simple things like buying tickets or finding a place to park.

At some popular attractions there may be a line at the ticket booth that will take an hour or more before you buy your tickets.

Some attractions even delay you further by having timed entrances.

Tour companies will already have everything organized so that there is no delay getting you in.

Some of the day tours would be difficult and costly for an individual to organize themselves.

While you are planning your trip and identifying what sights are must sees, determine if it appears easier with a tour company or by your self.

A visit to a down town museum that is an expert in a field, you are interested in, would likely be better by yourself.

Going out to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef for a day would be better in a small group tour and its a great idea to make sure the boat you choose is stable at sea and comfortable

Not all tour companies are created equal.

You need to do a little research, just as we did when we selected the tour companies that we do business with.

Ensure that they are a member of a local or national tourism or tour operator association.

Look at what is offered and the size of the group.

A tourist bus full of guest may be too many people for a small quaint pub.

If you see the term “Seat in Coach” that generally refers to the big tour buses.




One of the large advantages of doing a day tour is that you are being guided by a local person.

Most likely this is a tour guide who has lived and experienced the area for a number of years, if not their entire life.

Tour guides are selected for their outgoing personality and vast knowledge of the area.

They will know different small items that can change your good vacation to a great one.

In addition to day tours you will also see tour packages and multiple day tour programs.

Generally a tour package, such as our 3 Day Liveaboard Snorkel Tour includes accommodations.

While multiple day tours such as the Skydive And Reef Experience combine day tours into a complete experience, however, without the accommodations being included.