In 1911, the luxury passenger vessel SS Yongala disappeared south of Townsville.

One of the most fascinating dive locations in Australia is the SS Yongala Wreck. Diving here not only provides you with the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, but a taste of history as well.

In 1911, the S.S. Yongala sank during a cyclone, taking 122 lives with it. Although the exact cause of the disaster remains unknown, the wreckage is the most intact and historic shipwreck in Australian waters.


Today, the SS Yongala Wreck is one of the world’s most visited wreck dives as it hosts an abundance of marine life and history. While exploring the wreckage, you’ll be surrounded by schools of trevally and many other marine creatures that find refuge at the wreck.

The wreckage itself has now become an artificial reef, hosting a variety of coral growths. It’s bio-diverse ecosystem is home to Queenfish, turtles, sea snakes, barracuda, eagle rays clown fish and much more! In fact, you’ll see more fish at the wreckage site on one dive than any other Great Barrier Reef dive location.

Laying on the ocean floor for more than 100 years, the wreckage is memorialized with onsite and land memorials. The Yongala Wreckage truly offers a one of a kind diving experience as it’s located in the largest reef system in the world, offering a historical and educational experience at the same time.

The main points of interest when diving the wreck include:

  • Rudder
  • Alt Mast
  • 1st Class Dinning Room
  • Anchor
  • Forward Cargo
  • Forward Mast
  • Funnel Opening
  • Engine Room

The luxury vessel is protected by the Historic Shipwreck Act; therefore, altering or removing artifacts is prohibited, which allows you to see everything that was once on the ship, including bottles, lights and portholes.

This makes for an extremely fascinating dive!

Bull-Rays-SS-Yongala-Australia Dive


Whether you’re a fan of history or ship wreckages or a diving enthusiast, the Yongala Wreck offers the best of both worlds in one location.

The incredible dive has much to offer everyone–no matter your preference.